What is A-B-C-D linking system? 
ABCD linking, also known as 4 way linking is a much complicated way to exchange links with other sites, the good news are that it is much harder for search engine robots to detect the link exchange.
It is well known that incoming links is the fastest way to the top Google, amongst others, has realized that webmasters know this, and have started to take into account what kind of backlinks each site has.
ABCD Chains – same as ABC Chains but even more powerful and almost undetectable by search engines algorithm, In HardLinkExchange System ABCD chains are used. This means that site A has link to site B, site B to site C, site C to site D and site D to site A. This is much better than reciprocal or ABC exchange.

What is Links Checker? 
Links Checker is powerful free tool that is created for increasing efficiency of manual links exchange. With our Links Checker you deal with your link exchange partner one time and all other work Links Checker does. Our system verifies all links every 24 hours. Our system controls sites parameters daily. If something changer our Links Checker informs you. Itís really useful.
With links checker any variants of links exchange are possible. For example you can receive a link to site A and give link from site B. Thatís why links exchange with Links Checker is 100% clean for Google and other search engines.

How much does Hardlinkexchange.net cost?
Nothing. The service is totally free. We don’t send you emails trying to sell you things. But we do place a text link on each site which uses our system.

How long does it take to setup an account?
Your account can be up and running in less than 10 minutes. There is no software to install, and configuration of your account is very easy. Simply enter your website address, name of your website and then choose a relevant niche, Configure some text for anchor links and that’s all. We provide you the code to implement. We make it fast and easy!

When will the new links for my website show up?
Instantly! As soon as you finish configure your Hardlinkexchange.net account, a link to your website will show up on sites connected to yours. You can check it in account panel under Controls column (chains info).

Why can't I see chains generated to my site?
Our system is using relevant niche. Only links from websites that are related to your subject matter. It will not help you at all by linking to 1000's of unrelated sites, so make sure you stick to your niche. In case you don’t have any chain generated yet we suggest you to wait several days until more users will add sites related to yours. Our system will automatically generate the ABCD linking chains.

Will joining Hardlinkexchange.net help increase my website's search engine ranking?
Incoming links, also known as inbound links or backlinks especially one-way hard links, have recently gained increasing importance in determining the ranking of a website on the major search engines. Simply optimizing your web pages for the search engines is not enough to get top search engine placement any longer. All of the major search engines now weigh link popularity as a primary factor when determining the importance and popularity of a website.

How is Hardlinkexchange.net different than other link exchange services?
Our system is fully automated, you need NOT to choose sites one by one, just add your site and select your niche - our system will produce the most relevant links to your sites.

I run a gambling or adult website, can I join?
Yes you can. As long as your website complies with USA gambling laws you can join.

Do I have to use your code to link to other sites?
Yes. You have to use our code to use our system. Every code is generated uniquely to each site in our directory. The code we supply is just to make life a little easier and it does not contain any redirect links.

Can I add my site to different categories in your directory?
No you can't. If your website deals with different subjects we suggest you to choose the most relevant niche. The reason is that our system will generate the most relevant links to your site for getting higher PR.

Are there any types of sites you do not accept?
Yes. Any websites that promote: CP - child pornography, hate or racism will NOT be allowed to join Hardlinkexchange.net system. We reserve the right to accept or decline membership at any point without explanation.